The Best Bicycling Locations And Events Present In Europe

Europe is widely accepted as the continent where bicycles were invented, though the exact country it was invented in has always been shrouded in mystery and confusion. The English claim it was an Englishman who invented it, the French are absolutely convinced it is a Frenchman and even the Scots have joined into the argument. Regardless of who invented it, bicycling is deeply entwined in the European culture and it is commonly acknowledged as the best place for a little bicycling fun. The locals are also extremely helpful and are known to respect you deeply for exploring the country in such a manner.

One of the most famous countries for its annual bike races; France is a household when it comes to bicycle races. While the Tour De France is by far the most popular for professionals, there are many others such as the letape france cycling tour for amateurs. A mass cycling event that gives amateur the opportunity to cycle over the same route as the Tour De France; it is commonly hosted in hilly areas such as the Alps.

Approximately around fifteen thousand five hundred participants and is commonly held during the month of July. it is a one day event that is hosted in the midst of Tour De France during the off day of the event.The Giro d’italia is another popular event that is second only to the Tour De France. One of the cycling competitions under the Grand Tour; the Giro d’italia 2017 is the one hundredth edition of the race. The race starts on Sardinia on the 5th of May and is to finish on the 28th of the same month. For those looking for a more strenuous adventure; the Napoleon Bike Tour is a exhausting forty five day bike tour that traces Napoleon’s two thousand seven hundred and thirty six mile attack on Russia. Starting off in the capital of France, it goes through Germany, Poland and a host of other countries before arriving in Russia.

If you are interested in trying out this journey, but feel that a forty five day journey is too difficult for you, be informed that the event is broken down into 6 1 week periods that you can commit to accordingly.
There is also the Land’s End to John O’Groats tour present in the UK for those looking for a change of pace. A fourteen day tour, it is almost one thousand miles from beginning to end and takes you through beautiful countryside and crystal clear lakes that are present in the United Kingdom.